Dear MAPS K-5 Families,
I’m pleased to provide some details regarding the process for enrolling in the MAPS K-5 Virtual Academy.  For those interested in this alternative to in-person learning, please follow these steps:
  1. Contact the school in which your child is currently enrolled to express interest in transferring to the MAPS K-5 Virtual Academy (MVA).  The deadline to enroll in the MVA is October 1, 2021.  Here are the phone numbers for our four elementary schools:
    1. Cherry Creek: (906) 225-4399
    2. Graveraet: (906) 225-4210
    3. Sandy Knoll: (906) 225-4281
    4. Superior Hills: (906) 225-4295
  2. Following step “1” you will be prompted to complete this form for each child you would like to enroll.  If you would like to enroll more than one student, then please complete the
    registration form separately for each child.
  3. MAPS K-5 Virtual Academy will require a commitment from families. Once enrolled, students will be required to remain full-time in MVA for a semester at minimum. At the conclusion of the first semester (January 21, 2021), MVA students may return to in-person learning for the following semester. 
  4. MAPS K-5 Virtual Academy students will have access to free breakfast and lunch.  Please use this form to indicate whether you want to take advantage of this opportunity.
  5. Following receipt of the form from “2”, your child will be enrolled into Edmentum, MAPS
    third party online education partner.  In the coming days you will receive an email confirmation from the MVA Supervisor, Mr. Dan Gannon, verifying your child’s enrollment.  
Zack Sedgwick, MAPS interim superintendent

2021-2022 Suggested School Supply Lists are now available! Please see the documents below

About US

Superior Hills Elementary School
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Phone:  (906)225-4295
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Superior Hills Start & End Times:
9:00am 3:45pm
(12:00pm on Half Days)