Superior Hills Remote Learning Platform

Classroom Guidelines for Students

1.  Before joining a video session, I will make sure that my family knows that I am participating and that it is starting. I will be on time.

2.  I will use video sessions for educationally-related purposes only.

3.  I will not share posted videos with anyone outside of our learning community. Our learning community refers to our school staff, students, and parents. 

4.  When in session, I will not share any personal information that I wouldn’t otherwise share (address, phone number, email, passwords, etc.)

5.  When in session, I will check my background to make sure that nothing personal or inappropriate is on display or visible. 

6.  I will post only content appropriate to the assignment or conference. This includes what I write in the chat option. 

7.  I will stay on task in order to meet the learning objective.

8.  I will follow school rules as if I were there. This includes the school dress code.

9.  I will:

Be respectful and kind to my teacher and classmates. This means that I will:
Not make any rude, negative, or offensive comments about anyone or anyone’s work 
Not make any inappropriate gestures or use inappropriate words
Not hack or “bomb” any on-line sessions, games, etc. 
Use my real name and photo to identify myself
Use the mute button when not speaking
Make sure I am distraction-free (no phones, t.v., video games, etc. during a class session)
10.  I will only participate in the classes or activities that I belong to or am invited to.